February 20, 2011 | Daytona International Speedway   

ROBERT RICHARDSON, JR. – No. 37 Front Row Ford Fusion

WHAT HAPPENED OUT THERE?  “You know, it is crazy. That is what is happening today with that two car draft. Everyone is still trying to figure it out. I was running with my teammate Travis Kvapil and I was getting pretty tight off the corners and he was locked onto my bumper. I was trying to keep it out of the wall and he was still attached to me. The rest is history. I hate it. I hate it for Front Row Motorsports and everyone else that gave me an opportunity to run this race. It is definitely not Daytona racing. This two car draft stuff is pretty tough to deal with and try to get a handle on and trust the guy behind you. I am okay though.” 

IS THIS SOMETHING THAT NEEDS TO GET ADDRESSED BEFORE TALLADEGA?  “If they were going to address something, you would have thought it would have happened before this race. There are definitely some things they need to change to get it back to pack racing like it used to be. It is our job as racers to try to get away and break the mold a little bit though too. Hopefully by Talladega they will have something figured out so that all the cars can get back to big pack racing again.”

Chris Knight, Knight Motorsports Management

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