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Online games have gained enormous popularity over the last couple of decades but in fact they are all roughly the same and differ in terms of interface and visual effects. Live poker games have been introduced relatively not long time ago and this is all thanks to the latest technologies. Live game features live poker room with live dealer. The cards are dealt by a real person and they are scanned. As a result, it is projected into the software program and enables players to play online game with a real dealer. The atmosphere in the room is realistic and may feature different interiors.

Tips of how to play and win live games

When it comes to play live poker games no matter what variety of game is chosen and whether this is holdem, Omaha or anything else, it is important to remember that the game is dealt by live dealer but not by software program. It means that making calculations will be easier and can be dine in exactly the same way as it is done in the casino. Knowing what cards are going out and calculating probability ratios as well as odds is the key. Bluffing, which is an important part of the game is better in live poker because your opponents are real and siting on the other side. Here are the other tips:

  • Never be the first player to limp;
  • If player is unsure of something it is better to fold;
  • It is preferable to play fewer hands and the do so pretty aggressively;
  • Always defend big blinds if the right hand is held;
  • Play string hands in the fast manner and afterwards build the pot in order to make more money;
  • Use aggressive semi-bluff strategy with the draws that are held.

Online poker live is just like playing at casino, so tackling the game as well as the opponents should be done in exactly the same way as in real casino. It means that, no matter what variety of game is played, the first two cards will be the most crucial in making decision of what hand can be built. If the cards are not appropriate of the player would like to take additional risk than it can be swopped but generally, the first cards are used as the base for the hand that will be built at the end.

Live tournament strategies

Indeed, live poker building up tournament strategy is vital for any player who enters an online competition. Live poker allows to participate in online competitions on regular basis: daily, weekly, monthly and annually held competitions. There could be various strategies that players may use in order to gain competitive advantage. Here is what can be done:

  1. Try to play more hands whilst playing first levels because players may overvalue cards like QJ off;
  2. Get on time when weaker players give away lots of their chips, weak players are easy target;
  3. Observe the opportunity with pocket pair because in deeper tournaments pocket pairs are may be standard;
  4. It is crucial to adjust to your opponents and do so in the corrects manner;
  5. Before the short stack it t is vital not to go bust;

There could be more tips and strategies in live poker, however the general rules are roughly the same.

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