Poker Game Android App for Smartphones and Tablets to Play for Free

Since the advent to this day, poker remains one of the most popular games, wonderfully combines the strategy and elements of gambling. A great leap in the development of this card game accounts for 1970-e years when the first tournament events were held. Although many major poker competitions broadcast live on TV, this game is still available to everyone – especially today with the development of Internet technologies. It is not enough just to know the best poker hands to beat opponents – you should be able to make informed decisions based on what is happening at the table, and also to master the art of the bluff. An experienced player is able to keep his opponents on the feet throughout the hand.

Mobile poker game Android may be your best choice if you seek to enter the ranks of poker professionals. There are many reasons why mobile casino games – including poker – become so popular over the last few years. However, the ability to play anywhere and anytime is the most important advantage you will get by opening mobile poker to yourself. So read on to learn where you can find and download the best free Android poker game to improve your playing skills in practice without financial cost.

Free Poker Game (Android) Options to Play for Real Money

Many major online poker rooms support popular mobile platforms and offer play through a web interface or mobile apps for Android and iOS. Here are some of the best options that are worthy to try them:

  1. Poker Stars is the largest poker room which is popular among players worldwide. With its mobile site and app, you will get the best gaming experience on the go.
  2. GGpoker is a newcomer in the industry which has great chances for further growth. You can download poker game Android apk file to play for real money or practice for free.
  3. 888poker is one of the oldest online poker game platforms which welcomes players around the world. After the revamp of its Instant Play and Mobile platforms, 888poker is one of the strongest players in the market.

Also Unibet Poker, Party Poker and many other popular poker rooms are worth your attention. With their huge audience, they are popular for the following reasons:

  • They retain the thrill of the gameplay despite the fact that you cannot read the body language of your opponents.
  • You will get the same feeling from the poker game playing on the move while traveling or in the comfort of your living room.
  • As the industry continues to grow, you will get the best bonuses with the most advantageous terms of use.
  • The social aspect – you can chat with poker enthusiasts around the world.

Of course, a poker game (Android) will bring you income so that you can combine a pleasant pastime with the possibility of earning.

Best Poker Game Android to Play Free on Tablet or Smartphone

There are hundreds of popular apps that were created so you can play poker and improve your game without costs:

  • Appeak Poker with its several unique features is one of the most popular poker trainers for the Android platform. Thanks to its simple interface, you will be able to focus on learning the poker not being distracted by anything superfluous.
  • World Poker Club is an innovative poker game (Android app for tablet) with a unique system of gestures to check, bet, fold and other actions.
  • World Series of Poker with its huge number of free chips and Pot-Limit Omaha version available – which is difficult to find in other poker apps – can be your best choice to prepare yourself for the real Event.

With such a variety of poker apps and mobile sites, you will get the most from your Android tablet during your travelling or vacation.

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Handheld poker game is very popular with a large number of players from around the world.

Handheld poker game

In offline knowledge of unwritten rules plays no less important role than knowledge of the seniority of combinations. If you are ready to change your chair at the monitor screen with 16 tables for one table with 8 live opponents, be sure to read the unwritten rules of etiquette. Poker handheld game allows you to have fun and earn money.

Be decent

Offline poker has a number of its features: a game against specific people, real cards, chips. Here you can and even need to use the knowledge of psychology to prevail over your opponents.

But there are some tricks, the use of which in a live game is unacceptable.

Types of offline handheld poker games for players

If you suddenly notice at the table a player who is clumsily looking at his cards, point him to this. Moreover, it is worth paying the attention of the player to this as soon as you notice. You could peek at the cards of a neighbor in your yard, playing the fool. In poker, where you play for money, this technique is unacceptable. Similarly, you do not need to use the features of the deck for your own purposes. Game handheld poker today is very popular with a large number of gamblers.

Be honest. Peeping into someone else’s cards or the ability to identify a card because of its features are tricky tricks that can provide an advantage over opponents at a short distance. But in the long run, you sacrifice your reputation.

Do not criticize someone else’s game

Offline poker is always communication. And it’s not a secret for anyone that many come to the casino not so much to earn money as to relax and chat with other people. They can be called VIP-players. Often, the draw lines of such players are far from those that are called optimal.

In any case, under no circumstances should you criticize VIP players. Do not call them chips, do not ask why he did this or that action, or throw them in some intricate terms. On the contrary, do everything possible so that such people want to play with you again and again. Poker game handheld lets you play and enjoy this popular card game.

Features of playing poker

The tournament director or manager is the most important person on the site. It is he who solves controversial situations and monitors the honesty of the game. Therefore, if you regularly visit a casino, poker club or series, never argue with the tournament director. His decision is final and not subject to appeal.

This is not a judicial system where you can go to a higher court. A manager is like a referee in a football match, arguing with which is useless. So, if you want to make an enemy of yourself or completely close access to the game, then disputes and conflicts with the tournament director will lead to this result.

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